Welcome to Baker's Dozen Wheel Works

Thank you for being interested in custom cycling wheels.  Here at Baker's Dozen we specialize in finding the right wheel set for you and your bike.  When you order a complete bike from a bike shop or other retailer, it comes with wheels that are made for a general grouping of people.  Bike companies cannot possible account for all the variables that make up your riding experience.  They select a wheel set based on a general population.  While they might come close to your expectations, it will not be perfect.  Baker's Dozen Wheel Works can give you that perfect wheel set, designed specifically for you.  I believe building a wheel is a true art form.   I have been building wheels for over 10 years after being trained at The United Bicycle Institute.  Recently I chose to turn that passion into a business commitment.  I guarantee all the wheels that I build.  To get your wheel build started, just send me an email