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Just like going into a donut shop, there are tons of different options when it comes to building a custom wheel set.  Things such as what the wheels will be used for (mtb/road/cross), quick release or thru axle, carbon or alloy rims, colors, spoke count, nipple type, etc... In order to start the process of ordering a custom built set of wheels I need to find out some things about you and your riding.  This way I can guide you to the correct wheel set.  Please fill out the contact information and I will return your email within 24 hours.  Once we narrow down some choices I will develop quotes for all the options that we think will work.  This way you can compare pricing with all the different options.  

When you decide on what wheel set you would like to have built,  I require a deposit of half the total build price.  Once the wheels are completed I will collect the other half.  I take all major credit cards, checks and Paypal.  Being a small shop I do not keep product in stock.  I must order it from suppliers.  Therefore, a typical wheel build takes around two weeks - from deciding on what you want to actually getting the wheels delivered to you.  The wait is worth it.  Nothing beats a custom built wheel set...except maybe a custom bike.

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