I have been running CX Nation for over 7 years.  By incorporating it into Baker's Dozen Wheel Works, this allows me to continue the passion I have for cyclocross.  I offer cyclocross specific coaching, clinics and help promote races in Sonoma County



Thanks to everyone who came out for the CX Nation Cup. I hope everybody had fun. See you next year? We’ll see…..TBD



I offer web based coaching for $150/month.  One-on-one client meetings/rides are also available if distance is not an issue.  I coach to all levels and have helped althletes achieve their goals, including podiums at national Championships.  It is generally best to being cyclocross specific coaching in April/May. Contact me at to set up a consult.



Cyclocross definitely requires a set of skills off the bike.  It is not just about pedaling.  When I was learning years ago there was no classes.  It was "sink or swim".  By taking a clinic you will have an advantage over your competition and races will be much more fun...because you know what you are doing.  I charge $40/hr for 1-4 riders.  If you have a group of people, prices go down from there - $30/hr for 5-9 people and $20/hr for 10-15 riders.  Generally 2-3 hours of training with me will give you a foundation to be more proficient at cyclocross.  Contact me at for more information.


Races and Team CX Nation 

I have always wanted to give back to this sport I have always loved.  Two years ago this dream became a reality when I started the CX Nation juniors team.  There were already a few master's riders but I really wanted to focus more on the kids.  Currently we have four juniors on the team, but are always looking for more.  The juniors are all based out of Sonoma County.  They train hard together once a week and race in Northern California on the weekends.  Contact me at if you have questions about the team.