Hello CX Racers! I have decided to dedicate a whole page to the CX Nation Cup/NorCal-Nevada District Championships. I will try and have as much information on this page about the race as possible. If you have a question or feel something needs to be added to the page, feel free to email cxnation@gmail.com.

  1. What: The CX Nation Cup and the NorCal/Nevada Districts Championships

  2. When: Sunday, November 25th, 2018

  3. Where: Maxwell Park, Sonoma, CA

  4. Registration: https://www.bikereg.com/cx-nation-cup

  5. Map of Venue: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1RfCebLGUe5_Wmny2nBuDq7EtT7Zzy-FW&ll=38.30184203128283%2C-122.48068415&z=18

Parking: Parking fee is $7 or free if you have a Sonoma County Regional Park Pass. There is a self-pay parking kiosk at the entrance to the park. Please park first then walk back to get a slip. There are not a ton of spaces. There is free parking across the street at the baseball field. Last year the rangers did not make it out to the park to check on parking passes due to the fires. They were just too busy. They may or may not be out again this year. However, the parking fee goes directly back to the park, so practice some good karma and pay for parking.

Call-Ups: We will be doing call-ups based on your points in www.crossresults.com. If you want to know your score, then go to their website. They take into account USAC races and non-USAC races, so that is why I use it. Since most of our races in NorCal are not USAC this seems a fair way to line people up. With that being said, only riders who pre-reg will get a call up. If you do not pre-reg you will start at the back. Reason…because Bike Reg provides me the call up lists when registration closes the day before the race. I won’t have the time to figure out where you stand 15 minutes before your race. It’s not that hard to pre-reg. Please do it. Please do not line up on the starting grid. You will be called up. Staging will occur 10 minutes before your race. Be at the start line 15 minutes before.

Prizes/Podiums: We will have some sort of quick podium. We might have some medals from NCNCA for the Top 3 in each category. We may not. We may have prizes or not.

Team Tents: There is room for team tents. I just ask that you don’t take up precious parking spaces. You can place them on the lawn, as long as they are not on course.

License and Waivers: This is a USAC race. You will need a license. You can purchase a one-day license for $10. You will also need to fill out a waiver. For minors, both parent and child must sign the waiver.

Food/Beverages: There will be no food or beverages sold at the race. That costs more on the permit. There are plenty of food options near the venue, including Safeway, Starbucks and a taco shop right next door to the park.

Bathrooms: There will be Porta Potties brought in. They will be in a visible place in the parking lot. There are other bathrooms on site, but we want to try and not use them if possible.

Extras: There is a lot at the park for families to do including soccer fields, skate park, play structure, etc… Feel free to bring the entire family!

Regsitration - Day Of…: There will be registration the day of the race. However, it is a lot easier on the promoter and the registration people if you register before the race. It saves you from standing in a huge line at registration. Filling out a 2018 USAC waiver also saves time the morning of registration.

Juniors: Juniors will race for free in junior categories. If a junior rider wants to race in the Elite race, for example, then they will have to pay.

Benefit: This race is a benefit for the CX Nation juniors team. A portion of the proceeds will go to the team. Thank you for participating in the race!